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Get an MOU from Your Spouse

Get an MOU from your spouse if you’re planning to start a business together. We know it sounds cruel and unusual, but it might save a relationship. We got the idea for this blogpost from one of our Solutions Forum … Continue reading

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Should You Hire A Business Coach?

I’m attributing the title to an article that appeared in a national publication. We’re biased, because we do business coaching through groups and 1/1 meetings, but it’s good to see the industry getting some push. The article said that you … Continue reading

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The Summer of Customer Service

Well, aside from AOL, that ism giving my partner a hard time setting up another email account. It seems that good customer service is breaking out all over….Arby’s honoring a freebie for messing up a previous order, Relief Factor grandfathering … Continue reading

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Watch Out for Cyber Liability

With the rise of hacking and cyberwarfare, make sure your company is protected with cyber liability insurance Continue reading

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Shifting to WooCommerce

In the interests of transparency, I want to let all of you know that, in a few months, we will be shifting Enterpreneurial News to WooCommerce. We plan to charge only USD $10 per year for a subscription, which is, … Continue reading

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Where’s the Last Chapter?

Mark Levin wrote a fine book on media bias, but he missed the last chapter, which is how the bias of the mainstream media caused the rise of Fox news and other conservative news media, and he doesn’t do much … Continue reading

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