Should You Hire A Business Coach?

I’m attributing the title to an article that appeared in a national publication.

We’re biased, because we do business coaching through groups and 1/1 meetings, but it’s good to see the industry getting some push.

The article said that you should hire a business coach when you get ‘stuck’ on a decision, but that’s a little narrow.

You should hire a business coach to review practically anything you want to do. My best clients do, and they’re  better for it….on average, $100,000 better.

You should also look for a business coach with not only background in the area where you’re stuck, but other areas, too: finance, taxes, leadership, employee relations, all the areas where you might get ‘stuck.’

The business coach should also commit to delivering much more in savings or revenue improvements than he or she costs, too. Many just engage in handholding, but you should want more than that.

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