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Pass the Mic to Star Employees

There was a rather unfocused article on getting a thought leader for your brand, and the origin of same, the thought being that if you broaden ownership and ability to innovate to those below the executives, it would be a … Continue reading

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If You’re A Struggling Startup, Call Us!

In the Wall Street Journal of today, there was an article about how the struggles of startups are detracting from overall US growth. Our local Phoenix Business Journal had a similar comment from a venture capital head. Well, our School, … Continue reading

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Why Trumponics Works

I’m listening to the Donald talk to a crowd in Fletcher, NC and he’s repeating the usual litany of tax cuts and such to revive American business. I thought I’d take out my economics 101 text and provide a few … Continue reading

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Is Your Business Concept Broad Enough?

In this morning’s Wall Street Journal, there was an article about Ford rethinking of itself as a transportation services company rather than a car company, which is good thinking. Now Ford just needs to buy a bus or railcar manufacturer … Continue reading

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Trump and the Bimbo Eruption

Well, no one ever said the Clinton Dirt Machine couldn’t throw a Hail Mary in the form of the bimbos that were conveniently trotted out this week to derail Trump. This is nominally only a business related topic because the … Continue reading

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No on on 205 and 206?

These are two propositions on the Arizona ballot this November that legalize marijuana sales (although through licensed facilities, which are regulated)…. and raise the state minimum wage to $10.10 per hour from $8.05. All the business press and many of … Continue reading

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OK, so Trump lost $900 million plus in 1995, and carried his loss forward. He kept his people working. No big deal. Most people in business have had a bad year, and carried the loss forward. The tax laws are, … Continue reading

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Do You Have A Company Culture?

You might be reading all the articles on company culture that have appeared lately and wonder, ‘what’s MY company culture’? Yes, you have one, and it’s based on a bunch of things, that you can observe: Do I have people … Continue reading

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