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Financial Illiteracy

Most of what you hear and read about defaut is just wrong and misguided Continue reading

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Obamacare has started—Are You Ready, Employers?

Our buddy Shauna Wekerlein, world’s funniest tax CPA, has published what we think is the most comprehensive set of guidelines for employers that we’ve seen. It’s long, so we’ll give you the link below, and offer a couple of pieces … Continue reading

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To Motivate, Better to Take Away?

OK, current business theory says that it’s better to positively coach your employees, especially the younger ones, rather than motivate through fear. Or maybe use both. Well the fear wing has been heard from. Kelly Goldsmith and Ravi Dhar, writing … Continue reading

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What To Do When Your Business Is Off Track

We apologize for being gone for several weeks, doing blogposts for on the above subject, which proved to be very popular,with over 100 responses. Anyway, we thought we’d repeat our advice, which was started by a business owner in … Continue reading

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