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Here’s a Market Researcher

One of the persistent themes of this blog has been the need to do market research before you launch a new product with your existing customers, or the new customers that you hope to have. Well, a guy named Richard … Continue reading

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View From The Top

The Wall Street Journal recently devoted an entire section, called C-Suite Strategies, to what leaders of corporations were thinking. Frankly, it was a little underwhelming. I expected to see great thoughts on gaining market share, pricing philosophy or people strategy … Continue reading

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4 Keys to Finding Hidden Leaders in Your Organization

This is an excellent article in the Leadership Blog that rather had the punch line of the title buried in the body of the article. My experience has been that leaders will assert themselves in meetings or in how they … Continue reading

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Mind the Mindfulness

Harvard Business Review had an article last week about how leaders should be mindful, which in their parlance meant that they should be aware of more things, rather than just the growth of their business, but to our way of … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Radio Shack

If all the people mourning the death of Radio Shack had started a year or two ago, maybe management might have awakened from its slumber. First of all, RS is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which means that someone could acquire … Continue reading

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