Here’s a Market Researcher

One of the persistent themes of this blog has been the need to do market research before you launch a new product with your existing customers, or the new customers that you hope to have.

Well, a guy named Richard Decker called me last night, as he does about once a quarter to catch up, and I thought it would be a good idea to publicize his background in the blog, because it reaches a far wider audience than just our clients here in Arizona and elsewhere.

Richard is a quant jock as we used to call them, which means he’s data driven to his conclusions. He will design the questionnaires that will get objective answers (possibly not the answers you want to hear) and are essential to moving forward with product or service decisions. He has done both B2C and B2B research. They can also do international research. His background is on his website, www.globalfieldresearch.

Richard’s email is rdecker@globalfieldresearch, and his phone number is 801-224-3994.

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