Make Time For Yourself

There was an article in Fast Company recently that struck a nerve: Bobbi Brown, the founder of the cosmetics line of the same name, did an article on how she gets away from running her business: exercise, going to the grocery store. Even reading about non-business topics.

I like vacations, doing something that you don’t normally do. For example, every two years, I treat myself to a long weekend at Ford Racing Experience. I have a couple of clients who go hunting. Another goes to dog shows. When my kids were little, once a year, I would gather them up and we’d go to a bunch of theme parks in California. My wife actually relished the time away from the kids, and I relished the time alone with them.

The idea is to get away from your business: believe it or not, if you have good people, you CAN be gone for a week or so. You’re not indispensable.

So, all you loyal readers out there, what do you do to get away?

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