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When Saying ‘No’ To a Customer Makes Sense

Well, Ryan Estis, writing on his own blogsite at, needs to broaden his horizons a bit. Yes, it occasionally makes sense to say no to a customer, but: 1. Not just in the service or consulting space, which seems … Continue reading

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Eulogy for Larry

One of my favorite and longest tenured clients died last week, fairly unexpectedly. He’d been in the hospital about two months, and home for one. I got a Spidey-sense that he wasn’t feeling well in December, although to outward appearances … Continue reading

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Stick Around After The Sale

Many owners are thinking of selling their businesses, usually because 1)they’re tired of running it; 2)they get a good offer, and 1) is true and 3) their kids aren’t interested or capable of running it. The Wall Street Journal had … Continue reading

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