Mind the Mindfulness

Harvard Business Review had an article last week about how leaders should be mindful, which in their parlance meant that they should be aware of more things, rather than just the growth of their business, but to our way of thinking, they’re a little shortshighted. We thought there could be more facets to mindfulness.

1. Owners should be mindful of customers and what they’re telling you about your product or service, your staff or anything else. This is especially important as you grow, because you and maybe some associates birthed this puppy, and you’re inclined to think you know best. As you grow, you and your other founders may NOT know best.

2. Not knowing what’s best is where leadership comes in. You have to marshall efforts among your staff, customers and everyone else to figure out what is best for the business. Maybe new products, maybe new services on existing products.

3. If anything, you should become more mindful, at least in the dictionary definition, as you grow, because you’ll have more external and internal influences, and you have to be aware of all of them.

So, I think the point of the article was really that you should curb your own impulses to think everything you do or want to do is right, and go solicit opinions from anyone who might have some input on the matter before you.


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