Move Up Your Medical Insurance Premiums

Obamacare for small businesses is being delayed now until November 15th, and presumably still applies to only those firms over 50 employees.

We are recommending to clients over 50 employees that they ensure their policies renew  this year, before Jan. 1 2014, so that by the time Obamacare rolls around next November, you have a year to prepare yourself for sticker shock.

The rest of you, presumably below 50 employees can continue doing what you’re doing. That’s the way the law was originally written, but who knows what might happen? If the enrollment numbers are below expectation, or are an adverse selection (both likely), you might be thrown into the mix.

However, it might not all be bad,  because the November date coincides with the 2014 elections, and there are several Dem senators running for reelection, so we think some sanity might return to Obamacare, specifically more options in policies to keep costs under control. And, all of this can be done by HHS, since they did the original mods to the individual healthcare (the ones that were lied about for three years).

Gonna be interesting. Just one more thing to get annoyed about

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