Our Doc Fix

We don’t normally get into specific industries in our recommendations, but it looks to us as though the doctors are being a little narrow minded in their objections to Obamacare. Mind you we’re not in favor of the law at all, but we think the docs could:

1. Get rid of their staff and building overhead by merging practices….we’re sure you know all that is expensive, and likely to get worse;

2. Get on the staff of your local hospital, profit or non, and eliminate the overhead mentioned in (1) above.

I know these are good fixes, because we personally know of doctors that have done (1) or (2). And both are billing at Medicare rates for Obamacare, so presumably they can make money at those rates.

In the meantime, cast your lots with AMA or NFIB….both look to have a handle on how to deal with this mess of a law.

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