The 7 Deadly Sins of Small-Biz Sales

We haven’t done a post on CRM lately, and our sales ace Don Gray has been a little buried, buuuut,  a while pack there was a good post in CRM Buyer by Rick Faulk and Seamus Egan on the 7 Deadly Sins of Small-Biz Sales.

We liked the post, but we’d add an 8th Deadly Sin: not working your past customer list to see if they’re still alive, are mad at you, or whatever…we’ve had a couple of Solutions Forum members who’ve been guilty of this, but they have repented and in some cases hired our marketing consulting firm, Marketing Doctor, to do outbound telemarketing to past clients. This has worked for the most part, but in one case the customers were so old that 50% of them had moved or gone out of business.

One member even hired a new person to work his past customer list to stem losses by improved satisfaction. This is good, too.

And, install a CRM system so you can more easily get at your past customers and update the data, send them newsletters, hello messages, whatever.

In the Obama economy, you can’t overlook sales opportunities!

Soooo….here’s the link to Rick’s post:

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