The Somewhat Surprising State of Online Advertising (New Data)

When this post came out in, written by Corey Eridon, we thought it was interesting, so we asked our internet marketing guru, Lee Steele, to comment, because these guys at HubSpot get a little fevered at times. Here’s what Lee said:

The survey results are pretty much what I would expect. Marketers LOVE ads, consumers HATE ads. No surprise there.

And yes, television is still King. You can’t beat the combination of the spoken word, beautiful visuals, supported by emotional music. And it’s in your face – the TV commercial interrupts your TV show, but you’re too lazy to change the channel, or mute the sound.

A recent study by Wordstream showed that of the 21 typcial listings on a Google Search Results page (11 paid ads + 10 organic listing chosen by Google), the Top 3 listings (at the TOP of the page) generated 41% of all the clicks on the page. People react to (click on) online ads without even knowing they’re ads. That’s why Pay-Per-Click Ads are so effective, efficient and generate a very good return on (advertising) investment for advertisers.


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