Romney Group to Buy Hostess Brands

One of our waggish clients thought this idea up on otherwise slow last Friday afternoon, but it makes perfect sense..

Having failed in his bid to turn the country around by a proxy vote of the shareholders and lost to incumbent management, it occurred to said client that with Hostess Brands (Twinkies, Ding Dongs, cupcakes, etc.) iconic status, that a Romney led (possibly with his old mates at Bain Capital, since it wasn’t clear what his present role at Bain was, anyway) takeover of Hostess might be just the thing if you can’t save the government from itself.

Romney needs to demostate that he’s still got it, and remain in the public eye, and Bain does too, having done little in recent years to distinguish itself from the rest of the vulture capitalist horde, according to Forbes.

Let’s hope that one of our 35,000 readers seizes on this idea and presents it to Mitt.

Well, this was written before the unions collided with one another and with management, and the judge clearly tired of all of them.

Yes, these are powerful but, these days, probably niche, brands. Someone like Tastykake or Bimbo (my choice) will probably buy the brands and integrate them into their operations. Both Bimbo and Tastykake have extensive distribution.


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