Really Bad Customer Service (part 3)

About six months ago, American Express, probably as part of a loyalty test program, offered me, and I accepted, an American Express Gold Card, with no credit limit and interest bearing. In fact, I proposed to them that they limit me.
Or so I thought, based on the terms and conditions that I accepted.
B ut, I started getting past due reminders, when I thought I was in compliance with the terms and conditions.
So, this week, I had a conversation with AMEX, and it was like talking to a post. A dumb post at that.
As they say, we had a ‘failure to communicate’. They couldn’t seem to get ove the idea that what I thought were my terms and condition weren’t how they had the account coded.
Of course, they not only weren’t interested in my terms and conditions, they refused to look at them, via email or fax (customer service has neither).
Now, AMEX I’m sure has acquisition costs for each card member, and they’ve lost me again, probably for another 20 years.
All they had to do was say, gee, we’ve miscoded your account, and we will change it immediately.
As a result, they look rather idiiotic to me, and as a result of this blog post, probably a bunch of other potential customers in the small business space, because I told them to cancel my account and I’d pay the balance off on x terms, which they accepted.
There was a threat to turn me over to a collection agency, but they don’t want to go there, because I can prove that I’m right, according to their own terms and conditions.
Soooo, AMEX, take a look at and see if some other small biz people are vilifying you in the blogosphere. Kinda tough to get those small biz accounts you want, at least per your ads, when your customer service folks aren’t singing from the same hymnal.

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