Bimbo Customer Service

Yeah, that’s right: Bimbo Customer Service, or what passes for customer service.

There is  Bimbo Baking Company, which bought Orowheat Baking Company of San Francisco, which makes my favorite bread, Honey Wheat Berry. Now, this is the bread on which Orowheat was founded in 1932, if memory serves. And it’s not distributed in the Phoenix Metro area as of the 1st of May. Lots of brand equity being thrown away here.

And Oro was sold a few years ago to Bimbo Baking Company, which is I think a Mexican company. Talk about your name not translating.

Anyway, I called the Bimbo Marketing Department today to find out if they’d consider selling the license to make Honey Wheat Berry, and they reacted with total indifference.

And it happens that one of my clients has kitchens and bakeries. So, off we go.

Needless to say, Bimbo is living up to its name in  customer service.


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