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Travis, call Alan

There was an article in the LA Times about how messed up Uber is (not uncommon for a founder-led company), and how Travis Kalanick, the founder is ‘looking for help’, which almost sounded like a psych break was imminent. I … Continue reading

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Trump Bump 2

OK, here we go, America. We’d still like to see tax cuts before Obamacare reform (we’ve provided some ideas to Trump), because we think a little profit bump will help more companies than Obamacare changes help consumers, but who knows? … Continue reading

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So, What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

No, we don’t mean lose 10 pounds. We mean, for you business owners and CEOs/Presidents out there, what are you going to resolve to do this year, and it doesn’t all have to do with more sales. Here are some … Continue reading

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3 C’s Can Boost Accountability in Your Workplace

This is the title of an article that appeared in the online version of Smartbrief recently, and really encapsulates what you need to do to increase the accountability of your people. It all starts with Commitment to the company, and … Continue reading

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Bimbo Customer Service

Yeah, that’s right: Bimbo Customer Service, or what passes for customer service. There is  Bimbo Baking Company, which bought Orowheat Baking Company of San Francisco, which makes my favorite bread, Honey Wheat Berry. Now, this is the bread on which … Continue reading

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7 Deadly Roadblocks for Startup Entrepreneurs

there are many roadblocks to becoming a successful entrepreneur, but we can help remove them all Continue reading

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5 Key Metrics You Should Use

Nicole Fenda, writing in smallbiztends.com, had a useful post on five key metrics you should follow this year (and other years, actually). If you budget, also track your actual vs. the budget for the five. As usual, we’ve edited the … Continue reading

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Validating Your Idea: Out of One Business, Into Another

I recently had lunch with one of my former Solutions Forum clients, and found that he’d used our validation procedures in ASE course A02 to develop a action sports photography business to replace his small restaurant chain which has fallen … Continue reading

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