The Season of Treason

This isn’t normally a political blog, but there is some serious nonsense going on in Washington, and we feel compelled to comment on it.

First, what were the 12 or so Republicans arrayed on the Capitol steps ticked off about? Worthies like Darrell Issa and Jason Chavetz don’t normally fall in with wobblies like Susan Collins and Rob Portman.

Granted many Republicans don’t like the Donald, but they shouldn’t go public with their comments; they just look stupid. If they have something constructive to say, say it openly, but share any criticisms with Donald in private. You nitwits haven’t figured out that the media will use any perceived problem to drive a wedge between you all. Witness the Sessions nothingburger.

You Republicans should know by now that the media won’t portray you fairly. And Ryan and McConnell aren’t going to win any leadership awards in the current crisis.

And, then there’s whatever Little Barry and the Gangsters are cooking up in his garage with Valerie Jarrett at Kalorama Circle. We hope the Feebs are on it. Just happens to use the Obama symbol, and sounds vaguely treasonous.

A year from now this probably all will have passed, once the Trumpster gets a tax cut done and Obamacare replaced and repealed.

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