Trump Bump 2

OK, here we go, America.

We’d still like to see tax cuts before Obamacare reform (we’ve provided some ideas to Trump), because we think a little profit bump will help more companies than Obamacare changes help consumers, but who knows? He can make a few tweaks to the existing ACA law (non-mandatory, exchanges, insurance across state lines, insure preexisting conditions) that will go a ways towards fixing the problems, and probably cost less.

The stock market agrees, and is in possible danger of getting ahead of itself.

We’d like to have some comments from some CEOs with significant foreign operations (Ford, Cat, Apple, etc.) to get their feelings in profit repatriation of the $1.5 trillion that’s parked abroad, and we’re going to get some client input from smaller companies that are our clients over the next month or so.

However, we’re dealing with perceptions, which are good.

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