So Just Get On With It

C’mon guys and gals in the Federal Government, and especially in the Senate.

Give Donald the people he wants, say what is useful to say, take the votes and move on.

The Dimmocrats (Lou Dobbs term) are just looking foolish in some of their oppo tactics. If they had a leader with any courage, he’d just say, ‘we fought the good fight, we lost, so let’s get on with governing.’ I don’t see such a leader on the horizon, so I guess we’re stuck with Sen. Schumer. Schumer, for his part, over this weekend, should do some soul searching and come to his senses.

The Republicans, for their part, are being their usual convivial selves; Orrin Hatch is the only one who’s shown some willingness to jam the nominees through, but it seems another Senator took the plunge yesterday. Give Trump the people he wants, including his Supreme Court nominal, by whatever means possible. Gorsuch looks like an absolute blue-chip recruit.

BTW, we’d raise the tax cut in importance, but as long as the bill is retroactive to the first of January and has the expensing provisions in it, we in the small business community are fine.


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