Bye Bye Obama Rules

We thought it would be useful to let you know about the labor rules that are likely to be scrapped under Trump’s administration. Courtesy of Kiplinger’s Letter, here they are:

  1. No more employee rights under NLRB… fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the NLRB itself is a casualty. Your employee rights should be spelled out in your employee handbook. The NLRB has really outlived its usefulness…we think most employers treat their employees well, especially in a tight labor market.
  2. There will be a note that you don’t have to join a union, even if the employer is unionized. There won’t be a rule forcing contractors to the feds to report labor law violations.
  3. There will be curbs to Obamacare, mainly things Trump can do without Senate approval, such as removal of mandatory requirements for health insurance and some of the financial penalties. Again, most employers offer health insurance to their employees, unless they’re small, in which case employees are generally covered on a spouse’s plan.
  4. The wildcard is the Congressional Review Act (CRA) which says that any laws passed by Congress with a financial impact or cost have to have a Congressional report written about them. Congress hasn’t used it much, but it’s out there.
  5. Here’s the best: Trump has promised to reduce by 75% the rules that impact business. We’re not sure what else there might be, but the Federal code is a monster.
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