Run the Country Like a Company, Donald

Enough of the politicians, already.

Donald is a breath of fresh air in a fetid swap of political correctness.

You’re going into a major turnaround, Donald. The company is loosing money, seriously in debt, sales aren’t growing, and the joint is in need of serious reform. Customers are angry about its products and service not working very well.

This country was started by a bunch of entrepreneurs, and let’s get that spirit back into the government.

Out go big expensive programs that don’t work, such as the Affordable Care Act. In come programs that, if the society says, through its representatives, are needed are going to be simpler and more effective. To hell with the last guy’s legacy and his executive orders. If Congress doesn’t go along, then the program isn’t a good idea.

State, Commerce, Homeland Security and the other cabinet departments need a shakeup. There seem to be a lot of butt covererers in these departments that aren’t doing anything else. Justice is a real satrap.

Reform starts with the Cabinet. You’ve got to have some really tough minded people leading the departments. Guys and gals, you’ve got to get into all the missions to find out if we need them, and if we do, rethink how they’re done. Start with Defense. Yes we need it, but are we lined up against the threats?

We already know that you want to renegotiate trade deals with Mexico and China, to level out the playing field, and that’s good. But don’t fall into the protectionist trap. We don’t know who you’ve got in mind as your Chief Trade Negotiator, but it better be someone tough. China and Mexico will come around, because they have more to lose if negotiations fall apart than we do.

Yeah, let’s make America great again. We’re all for it, and you.

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