Pass the Mic to Star Employees

There was a rather unfocused article on getting a thought leader for your brand, and the origin of same, the thought being that if you broaden ownership and ability to innovate to those below the executives, it would be a good thing.

We agree, since it promotes employee engagement.

But, why not allow everyone to suggest ideas? This promotes employee engagement even more. Besides, as the article points out, everyone has a digital mic, through social media, and you might find your company razzed by unhappy employees on Facebook or LinkedIn or Yelp.

Here are some other benefits:

  1. Exploration and Learning: The brand gains advocates when they blog or talk about it in a positive way.
  2. Peer visibility and (potential) virality: This is good word of mouth, best kind of advertising there is. On the flip side, if brands don’t deliver on the brand promise, there could be widespread negative virality. Developing your brand promise is a whole ‘nother subject.
  3. Ownership and credit: employees can retain ownership and credit for their ideas. Don’t lock up credit in corporate blogs.
  4. Potential support from the brand: Thee brand can also support employees….ever notice all the logos on tee shirts and polos? Are all those people in the marketing or sales department? Nope. The more brand advocates you visibly have, the better.
  5. So think on it.
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