Samsung Still Doesn’t Get Customer Service

My wife bought a snazzy new Samsung side by side refigerator and freezer three years ago when we remodelled our kitchen.

We had one service call to fix the icemaker under warranty once before, which was handled on a weekday….no weekend calls thank you. And they weren’t too customer friendly, either.

Well, the icemaker broke again, and it cost $400 to fix it out of warranty. That was bad, but the technician screwed up the freezer settings and put freezing on both sides, which we don’t need, since we have a standalone freezer.

Normal practice would be to fix the mistake for free, at least in this country. Samsung service wanted another $300 to fix their screwup, until my wife hit the roof a second time and chewed out the local service facility. Forget coming out today or tomorrow. Or writing us a check for the food we had to throw away because of the freezer.

One would think that they’d learn.

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