Donald, Dinesh and Hillary HooHah

This is a business blog, and a small business blog at that, but the big faceoff tonight deserves some comment.

Right on cue, mainstream media has been unrelentingly negative on their treatment of the Donald. Wall Street Journal,, AOL. Many articles just don’t square with the facts, or the facts are buried in paragragh five, as in a weekend piece the Journal did on Donald’s loans from his father; THEY WERE ALL PAID BACK WITH INTEREST, but that’s in paragraph five. Donald is probusiness, in all way shapes and forms. A little fuzzy on trade, maybe, but it’ll shake out.

Everybody in the media misses the one thing Donald is about: leadership. Imagine him working on Putin over Syria. It’s easy to see him doing the negotiations personally. It’s not clear to us now why we even need to be involved in Syria. Obama already screwed up Iraq, and it might come back, so let’s put our marbles with the Kurds and with Israel. Besides, we invested a lot in the place. Domestically, leading again: lower taxes for business, cuts in spending, been tried successfully before by Reagan. Good blueprint, we think.

If you haven’t read Dinesh D’Sousa’s book ‘Hillary’s America’, you should. If you’ve read it, you’d never vote for her, or the Democrats. We don’t understand how anyone with her record could have the chutzpah to even contemplate running for President. Not likely, but she could be indicted while in office, be forced  to resign and we have Harvey Korman’s lookalike running the country. Scary scenario.

And, finally, there’s Herself, Hillary Hoohah. She says she’s probusiness, and did put out a probusiness tax plan about a month ago, but she lies about everything, so who can trust her? Again, if you read D’Souza’s book, you wouldn’t vote for her anything above dogcatcher. Sleaze would reign supreme. Herself wouldn’t get much done, because there’d be a Republican congress. Four more years of bickering.

So, let’s get ready to rumble. I call Donald in the third, Hillary on her corner stool.

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