Bravo Soros (sort of)

The Wall Street Journal had an article by George Soros entitled ‘Why I’m Inventing $500 Million in Migrants’ today, and it’s sort of interesting.

No, Soros didn’t promise to pay $500 million in resettlement costs. After the usual blather about the benefits of immigration, in para 5 of the article is the meat: He actually says he’s going to invest $500 million in refugee and migrant startup businesses.


All the investments will be owned by his non-profit, which we think is called Opportunity Fund. Profits will go to the Open Society Foundations.

We’ll match George, and donate our class fees at the American School of Entrepreneurship( The $99 fee for four startup courses (the A’ones)  will be waived if a student can prove that he/she is an immigrant to the US or a migrant/refugee from somewhere, e.g., Syria. A visa number and date of granting is all we need, and we’ll instruct our webmaster to open up the access to the site.

And, if an immigrant/refugee has an ongoing business, we’ll offer four free courses on the ‘E” side of the School.

We like to see everyone succeed, regardless of where they’re from, and we do hope that other investors match Soros.

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