50% Deplorable

Way to go Hillary! Now we know how you really feel! Fitting that it happened at a fundraiser hosted by Barbara Streisand, a notorious business hater.

Nothing like p.o-ing 50% of the Republicans, a lot of whom own small businesses. Who provide something like 85% of the job growth in the country.

We suspect that the accumulated lies, deceptions and backtracking caught up with Hil. We doubt she can recover. Tim Kaine reminds us of Harvey Korman.

We watched ‘Churchill’s Secret’ last night, about an apparent heart attack that he had in 1953 which was completely hidden from the British public. Couldn’t happen now with our 24-hour news cycle.

What did she get in Chelsea’s apartment? Our guess is a shot of amphetamines, which would clear up the cough and provide a boost.

So, Hil, you might as face the inevitable. You’re done. Give the ball to ‘ol Tim.


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