3 C’s Can Boost Accountability in Your Workplace

This is the title of an article that appeared in the online version of Smartbrief recently, and really encapsulates what you need to do to increase the accountability of your people. It all starts with Commitment to the company, and to doing the best job they can. Otherwise, why did you hire them?

  1. The first C, aside from commitment to observe the C’s, is Communication. Make sure everyone knows what their role in the company is and try to foster communication up and down the organization. Maybe a key leader isn’t getting what he/she needs from her team members. He/she should pull them together and explain what he/she expects from the team and the parts. Everyone should know what their goals are, which should be part of their annual review and pay structure.
  2. Cooperation: all the team members have got to cooperate on delivering products and/or services. There aren’t any ‘lone wolves’. The leaders can bring the players together as needed (at least once a week) to find out what’s going well, poorly, and his/her concerns. It might take a beer or two.
  3. Consequences: Most people think of punishment, but that’s not quite it. If the goals aren’t being met, some reorientation and discussion may be necessary; maybe cooperation isn’t al it could be.

So, take these words to heart. You might start with a survey of your employees to see what they think of execution of the 3 C’s within your company.

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