USAA go read your ads

And then there’s that other paragon of customer service, USAA, the big auto insurer.

I’ve been a customer of theirs for over 40 years.

But, they raised their rates $20 US per month. Not bad, but I told them I was going shopping, after one of my speeding tickets dropped off after five years, and one of their reps insinuated that I wouldn’t get a rate increase.

Predictably, GEICO, who always smells blood in the water, shows up with a quote that knocks $55 per month off the USAA rates.

Now GEICO will probably jack up their rates after the first year, which is what they did the last time, but I’ll then go back to USAA, having saved about $600 in the process.

Jeez, one wonders what is going on out there in the firmament.

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