We Need the People

There’s been a lot of commotion about southern border security in the United States, and it seems to us that some new perspectives are needed.

  1. Our labor participation rate is about the highest it’s ever been, so businesses are running out of available workers they could hire.
  2. It’s not going to be long before we get some wage inflation, either.
  3. So far, we’ve been opening the gates for the STEM immigrants, which is good, but what about garden variety workers for service and manufacturing industries? We don’t hear about that.
  4. In Arizona, the Department of Labor has computerized all the industries with available jobs….about 1100 industries. What if we did that nationally, so that an immigrant can be pulled off line, shown the available industries by state, and where the best places to go are. Then we get them a Greyhound ticket to that place and a point of contact.
  5. If there’s a job match, then the immigrant gets a provisional green card listing where he’s to go, along with family, as long as the family is actually real.
  6. If you like these ideas, forward them to your State representatives. If not, feel free to comment on what you’d do better.
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