Don’t Rely Exclusively on Web For Leads

Something we’ve noticed in calling around to businesses is that they’re leaving their phone numbers off their web sites.

This might be a US-only post, but we’d like to know what the situation is in other countries.

We know that it’s a pain to answer the phone at times.

But, you never know who might call. Even the robocalls.

You should think about how your customers and prospects might find you. It’s not about the big yellow book with phone numbers in it anymore.

Even direct mail is making a comeback…keep up those customer lists, write snappy headlines and relevant comments and so forth.

We even have recommended trade shows on occasion.

We still happen to like telemarketing for b2b applications, but we’re in the minority.

For b2c, all of those social media sites can work, as can your website, but make sure that it’s all customer centric. Phone numbers, emails, lists of execs, so forth.

And you have to keep track of where the customers come from!

Who said being a owner, CEO or marketing/sales person was easy?

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