What’s the Most Important Leadership Skill?

Entrepreneur published this article some months ago, and it languished on my pile of things to comment on, but better late than never:

  1. Do (or have done before) what you’re asking others to do;
  2. Trust and empower your employees.
  3. Authentic, vulnerable, or at least honest; adaptable;
  4. Have a compelling purpose and be accountable for the results of the individual and the team;
  5. Admit when you’re wrong;
  6. Serve your way to the top;
  7. Push your followers; rather than pulling them;
  8. Strong opinions loosely held;
  9. Ask more questions and listen longer;
  10. Build a culture with a purpose and empathy.

OK, how many of these are you doing? 90%: you’re great. 80% you’re ok. 70%, be nice to the investors/stockholders. Less? Go look for another job.

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