Here’s Good Customer Service

We always like the publicise good customer service, and we’ve found another one: Wise Foods, who make survival meals, did a unique thing, given their probable size.

I and my wife run on insulin maintenance diets, and limit our intake of carbs and sugar. We bought Wise’s $99 package that covers meals for a month, in case things really go to h+++. But, we noticed when we got it that the meals were very starchy, so my wife called Wise to see if we could return them.

They authorized the return, but then an add thing happened: the CEO of Wise called my wife and wanted to know more about the return, so she told him. We think there might be a completely new market for their products.

I don’t know how big Wise is, but the fact that the CEO would take time to call us to find out more about our concerns really demonstrates customer sensitivity.

Good for him.. How many customers have YOU talked to this week?

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