OK Google, You’ve Been Served

This is the title of an op ed in the Wall Street Journal, and it shows in graphic detail what can happen when PC personnel policies run amok.

The Journal makes the point that Google is something of a monoculture: male dominated, progressive, not too female, not too inclusive of Muslims. We imagine that Google has committed the sin of having and hiring employees that are good at their jobs, and hasn’t given much thought to all the other boxes that have to be checked on your workforce.

And, they’re a big target. So Jerry Brown thinks his Labor Department can hit them up for some cash, for some nutball project that he has. And, the Googlers may find their policy hard to defend, according to the Journal.

One would hope that the Trump Secretary of Labor (Elaine Chao) would intervene and just say, hire the best people you can find, regardless of what box they check. This would be another good test for getting rid of some onerous labor laws that are stifling the US economy.

So, Donald, when may we expect to see Ms. Chao in a press conference with Brin and Page announcing that all Google’s hiring will be done on a merit basis? And doors are open for immigrant engineers, too, green cards attached to acceptance letters. Not likely you can get Gov. Moonbeam to be there, but give it a go. Maybe if Google agrees to fund a new meritocracy hiring initiative with the personnel savings, Jerry will show.

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