Lighten up on Apple, Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

Monday the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) ran an ‘article’ about how Apple should work to cut down on the use of cell phones by children. Buried in about para 5 was a similar plea to the other phone makers. It’s an important subject, but would play better on the op-ed page.

Well, duh. Of course they should all work to cut down children using their products, for all sorts of reasons.

But, to our way of thinking the phones aren’t the real problem. Lack of parental oversight and involvement is. We know any number of parents who either don’t allow their children to have cell phones or restrict their usage to say, an hour a day. And we know teachers who confiscate cell phones at the start of class.

It’s analogous to the gun control debate: guns aren’t the problem, people are.

Maybe the folks at Jana Partners and Calstrs would like to put their money where their mouth is an do a joint ad campaign (test it in CA) to see if it has any effect. Put it on social media and the cartoon channel.

The point is, methods to control use are out there, but they need some help. I’m sure Apple and the other makers would be more than cooperative.

In the meantime, WSJ, let’s try some fair and balanced ‘reporting’.

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