SMB Comments on 9/16 Repub Debate

Well, after sifting through all the snark, we have a few comments about the debate (we’re going to be so presumptious to speak for SMBs):

1. Aside from Trump and Fiorina, it doesn’t seem to us that the rest of the folks have any idea that it’s small and medium sized businesses that will drive the economy forward, and even they didn’t say much about it. So say more. Donny and Carly are natural alies, but they haven’t figured it out yet.

2. Tax cuts are the way to go, to spur growth, IMHO, particularly on corporations, because if they’re growing, they’re employing a few more workers somewhere. Regan tried this and it worked.

3. We’ll  have to cut spending before the tax cuts, or couple them, because little Barry and Gangsters have about exhausted our financial capacity to borrow and not be like Greece. Yeah, some of spending was Keynesian to pull us away from the ditch in 2008/9, but by now, tax cuts might have done more to get beyond 2% growth. But you’ll never get a tax cut solution out of today’s Dems. Hillary and Bernie are going the other direction.

4. We could try a consumption tax, to offset corporate tax cuts at the outset, and then cut individual rates to be offset with more consumption tax. No way would this even be considered until an R is in the White House.

Anyway, the above is our .02 worth.

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