C’mon over!

What a bunch of brickbrains we have in Washington.

Of course we should make it possible for 4 million formerly illegal folks to become citizens.

Has any of these clowns looked at the unemployment rate (if it can be believed) lately? We’re close to full employment, at least by the numbers. So, we should increase the labor supply.

But, there are probably a lot of underemployed people in American, because every time we’ve run an ad for one of our clients looking for a person, we’ve gotten good response.

But, we should do it legally. What in hell is the hurry Barry? Your legacy? You’ve futzed around for six years on this question, blown your political capital on Obamacare and you now want us to think that getting these folks approved is an emergency that requires an executive order? Gimme a break.

I think you’ve got the Congress’ attention. Repubs and Dems are both paying attention.

While you’re at it, and we hope some of the Washinton worthies read this, would you mind reinstating the 500,000 STEM visas that apparently (per Limbaugh) got dropped on the floor? This is you do things via the legislative process.

We’re gonna read the executive order to see if the STEM folks are in or out, and will report back. God forbid that the punditry should read it and actually opine on the FACTS.

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