Burn It Down?

I’m saddened by all the small business owners in Ferguson, MO that have had their businesses torched by the outside agitators.

This is a subject that has gotten nearly no media attention…..none of the lamebrain media has thought more deeply that if the busineses where Fergusonians worked aren’t there anymore, where are the residents going to work?

Or does what seemed to be a nice little suburban town just shrivel up and die, and the residents who are of working age go on welfare?

It’s a golden opportunity for the Governor to step in and make loans available for the businesses to rebuild, or just outright grants. But then I think he’s a Democrat, so such an action would be out of character. Little Barry could also do the same through FEMA, but that’s a mental stretch for him, too.

Koch Brothers, anyone? Maybe the Mayor of Ferguson can put a post up on one of the crowdfunding sites. Be an interesting ploy. You read about it here first!

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