Don’t Ban “Bossy”

This nutty controversy has gone into overdrive! Even the New Yorker magazine feels compelled to weigh in.

The female and male owners that we know have all been accused of being ‘bossy’ at some time in leading their companies, even though it’s not fashionable to be labeled as such whether you’re male or female. Being a softer, ‘coach’ is more palatable in today’s culture, and I would reiterate that good leaders adapt their leadership style to the situation.

One of my clients (who happens to be female) commented that it could be called ‘executive leadership’! I’m sure Sheryl Sandberg, and now Condolezza Rice find the whole controversy amusing.

I’m also sure that the controversy won’t detract either of them from effectively leading their organizations.

That’s my .02, and I’ve been labeled ‘bossy’ in my career too.

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