Obamacare Hits Some Rocks and Shoals

In the Navy, there’s a saying that when one’s career is in trouble, for whatever reason, you’re on the ‘rocks and shoals’. Shoals being those tide running in waves that you don’t want.

We think Obamacare is on the ‘rocks and shoals’.

One of the little noticed items in the current IRS scandal is that it’s supposed to take over the administration of the Affordable Care Act, which involves finding out if all businesses and individuals are on the plan (or on any plan), if their plan is a ‘Cadillac’, and God knows what else. Also little reported on is the fact that the former head of tax exempt compliance will (at this writing) be heading up the new Obamacare administration.

Given the present culture of politically motivated inquiries into conservative 501(c)4s and their supporters, we’re sure that no one will run to turn over their medical records to the IRS, or fill in the blanks on one’s 1040 about participation in a health plan, which should happen with the 2013 tax year, presumably due by April 15, 2014.

In fact, we’ll also bet that tax compliance will be at record lows this tax year, maybe longer.

The IRS is supposed to get 15,000 new employees to handle these tasks. Anyone want to take bets on when and where this happens? Not us, not for a while at least.

A second bet is that businesses don’t exactly run to comply with this year’s diktat that we’re supposed to tell the IRS what healthcare plan we have. Yeah, right.

We’ll let you know if WE get some odd questions from some people in Cincinnatti. Or any of the other IRS offices that we’ve exchanged love notes with over the years (Fresno comes to mind).


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