How To Create Great Content for Free

This post by Jeff Hayden is interesting, because the point of it is that some of the best providers of content work for you as employees, but it’s a little myopic because:

1. If they’re not doing their jobs when they’re providing social content, you might have to provide another employee, at more cost, which has to be factored into the equation;

2. It’s not entirely clear which social media Jeff is talking about….blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or something else. There could be issues in having employees do Facebook or Twitter, or any other, because they may not represent the company the way you might want. On the other hand, they might come up with novel ideas, which is one of Jeff’s points.

3. There’s the question of editorial freedom; we’re big advocates, but we suspect you, as the owner, might have to exercise some editorial powers. We’d do it with a light hand, reading what your folks are doing on social media, but probably not any real editing.

Anyway, here’s the link to Jeff’s post:

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