Startup Helps Retailers Tap Into Social

This post originally appeared in the Los Angeles Business Journal, and I thought was spot-on, having just re-started the American School of Entrpereneurship Facebook page.

The name of the startup is Social Annex, and it’s already up to 70 employees, in not too long in business We don’t know anything about them, or their fees, or what they promise, but seems like a good idea for retailers, especially online ones. The founder of Shoe Dazzle, a wildly successful shoe buying subscription service (I think) sits on their board.

We don’t do much for the online retailer readers out there, but we know you’re there, so here’s a bone. Maybe Social Annex will call us. We’re a hybrid b2b and b2c site, so it’s always fun to see what folks come up with for us.

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