Top Five Reasons for New Sales Rep Failure

Devon McDonald, writing in, on September 21, profiled the five reasons that new sales reps failed.

However, we think he missed a few, the major of which was poor attitude and the ability or desire to put in the work to succeed.

Attitude and desire can be profiled into the job, and woe to the company that didn’t get what they wanted. New reps have to follow what we call ‘success metrics’ gleaned from a firms successful reps.Sales reps will make all sorts of excuses for poor performance because they’re generally quite glib and make believable liars. We think a positive attitude is probably the most important attribute in sales….eveything else can be taught. However, that’s what three or six month trials are for.

And, of course, we have a course in how to evaluate the people you’ve got (E02).

We think a better plan is to incent them to do well, by making most of their compensation dependent on commissions based on sales or gross profit percentages.

Anyway, do look over Devon’s article to see if you see any of his signs in your new reps:

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