Comeback Trail in Business, Like Sports, Features Six Steps

Since this is being written on a Friday night, we’d like to give you a little  something to think about (most of our readers show up on weekends).

Neal Smith, writing for, had some good things to say in his post of of September 7th. I’m not sure there were six steps (it seemed a little disorganized), and we think he missed a few points, but kudos for a good effort.

If you’re coming back, or doing a turnaround, here are some more things we’d look at:

1. Do you even know where your weak points are? Yes you should fix them, but you’re got to know what they are first.

2. In our experience, over the last couple of years, either the USP (if you don’t know what that is, spend $29 and take our course) or your sales force is broken.

3. Usually, the sales force is broken because they’re not doing enough of the right things…cold calls, handling internet leads, setting appointments/making demos to the right people.

4. Speaking of right people, do you have them? If you did a mental eval (or an actual one), what would you conclude about them? The labor market is tightening for quality people….now’s the time to make changes.

5. You might have the right people, but maybe their attitude stinks. One of our Solutions Forum clients is doing an’all hands’ employee meeting next week to have each of his employees sign a pledge to give the company their best. We think that’s a great idea.

6. Lastly, are you the problem impeding your comback? Maybe your attitude stinks, too.

Time to do a gut check.

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