10 Reasons I Don’t Buy From You

Our buddy John Jantsch did an otherwise excellent post this week on why people don’t buy from your company, and, although he missed the most important reason we often hear, we’re going to repeat his 10, and add a couple of others.

1. ROI: I don’t see a financial reason to buy your product; how is it going to make money for me, or how is it going to ease my pain (psyscically) or do my job better?

2. Price: I don’t understand your price, or I don’t understand the perceived value that your price represents. Hint: don’t just lower the price, heap on the value!

3. Package: I don’t understand why I can’t buy your product with the options I want. Why can’t I bundle, add or subtract options, etc. Hint: get back to this guy or gal after you’ve done a quick study of other actual or potential customers….you might find what is desired is a pretty good idea.

4. Access: I want to buy direct from the source. I’m not happy with you as a middleman. Hint: find out why. You might be able to cut a deal with the manufacturer to get a commission on the deal.

5. Payment: I don’t like your terms. Maybe I want deferred payments, leases, or something. Maybe I want discounted terms.

6. Quality: I want higher quality than you offer. Am I willing to pay for it? Ask the question.

7. Training: My people don’t know how to use your product or service. I need you to train them, and I’ll pay for it.

8: Accountability: I tried your product once before and wasn’t happy. What’s going to be different this time? This is a big clue about quality or service, or both, being wanting.

9. Design: The design doesn’t work for me; could you change it? Again, this is something worth looking into with other actual or potential customers. Tell the customer you’ll get back to him/her.

10. Proof: Sounds good on paper, but have you got testimonials from others in my industry? What happens if it doesn’t work?

11. Assurance:   Let me  know that if it doesn’t work to my satisfaction, you’ll take it back. Again, this is a good opportunity to fish out some new attributes or attitudes.

Again, John’s done good work here, and we’re happy to tag along and add our .02.

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