Our Version of Holmes and Robbins Doubling Sales

We’ve gotten a lot of comments on this original post, which told people to watch out for Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes methods promising to double sales in 12 months, so we thought it might be useful to do a few of our methods in this blog (they’re in our course E01, Evaluating Your Sales Force, but if you can’t afford $29, here are some of the methods we’ve advocated in the course:

1. Set goals for each of your sales reps, in terms of leads pursued, appointments made, deals closed on a monthly or quarterly basis. These are known as sales metrics.

2. Look at performance of your reps vs. your goals. Where in the sales metric chain are they not performing? For example, it all starts with calls made, or, if you get lots of leads from your internet site, leads called from the site.

3. If your sales are down, it might be because of poor appointment setting or poor closing skills.  We tell you how to ask the right questions to the right people in the course, but that’s the hint we’ll give you for free.

4. How different are the products or services that you’re trying to sell? If they’re not different at all, or marginally different, you as the owner need to devote some time, and probably some money, to making your products and services different. Otherwise, you’re in ‘commodity hell’.

Now in all honesty, if you did all these things, your sales would improve, but double in 12 months? Hard to tell. Send us a blognote on what/how you’re doing.

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