Evaluate Right, Hire Right Part Two

One of our blogposter rightly asked what our sources were for our conclusions that if a firm doesn’t evaluate its present employees correctly, hiring new employees based on this template is difficult, if not impossible.

Actually, when Julie Fletcher and I developed these two courses (A14 and E10), they’re original source material that Julie has used for years in her consulting practice. I added a few things to E10 based on my Solutions Forum practice of consulting business owners.

The point is, we know these profiling practices work, and work far better than other templates. We don’t know what our success rate is on the use of our templates, but we assume it’s pretty high, otherwise given our money back gurantee, we’d either hear about failures or be refunding some course costs, and we’ve done neither to date. We also know that people who don’t use the the profiling practices have a much lower success rate in getting the right employees and retaining them.

Sooo….depending on your situation (startup or established), take one of the courses!

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