Microsoft Almost Got Us

As an internatiional site with readers and enrollees all over the world, we get more than our fair share of hackers and computer problems.

But, it was one of our US companies, Microsoft, that laid us low late last week. The culprit was their mandatory installation of Internet Explorer 9, done in the dead of night, and on this computer (which is Vista-based, which is bad enough)…it messed up our access to our website and our blog.

Fortunately, one of our readers wrote us a note about access problems to our website, and John Principale and I jumped on it. Just a minor fix to accommodate IE9, but, as usual, it would be nice if MS would let large commercial users like us know that IE9 might cause a problem and provide some code for us to fix it in advance. We can only hope.

Another culprit might have been installing WordPress 3.3.1, which we did at the same time.

Anyway, we think we’re back online, and we appreciate all your kind comments on our blog efforts.

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