Five Things To Do Before Year End

1. Check with your CPA or other tax preparer about where you are on taxes; you might be able to move income or expenses to reduce your taxes this year or next. We have no idea whether tax rates are going up next year, but some of the more aggressive loopholes in sec. 179 property might be plugged, such as writing off your corporate jet in one year.

2. Have a round table with your staff, maybe on a Friday afternoon, to in general talk over the year that the company has had, what you think could have gone better (maybe even confessing a few sins), and looking for ideas from the staff. If you have staff in other locales, bring them into the conversation via an online conferencing link, or have another session with them.

3. Give everyone a 360 degree survey, which should be anonymous, about what they think of your leadership, or their bosses. These surveys are always good to find out what the folks are thinking especially among those who might not speak up during the staff meetings, or other meetings you do.

4. Do a review of what you’re doing in all phases of marketing, regular and social. Do you do a newsletter? Twitter? Facebook? What does it appear that all the phases did for you? Have you found all your former customers? Converted to digital/email formats?

5. Take a look at your salesforce; as we’ve said many times, your salesforce is your key to survival. The review should include outside directed personnel, as well as the inside people.

We’ve got courses that cover all these subjects, and if you’ve got any questions, call us on 800-716-9626 and talk it over!

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