How to feel better instantly and sell more consistently

As salespeople if we are active in our marketplace every day we’ll have some type of challenge or obstacle; right?

How can you ensure that you’ll keep yourself in a good psychological place no matter what challenge arises?

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The answer is to start every day of the week, by writing down five things that you are deeply grateful for in your own  handwriting .

How you feel about you is vital to your success in selling.  Gratitude creates a magnetic energy, so I guarantee you’ll feel better.  Whether you know it or not you radiate your feelings.  You cannot fake it.  Your prospects pick up on your energy and your tone.  When you are communicating by phone, only 27% of the communication is your words .  73% of your communication is your tonality, your pitch, your volume, your speed, your inflection, your enthusiasm, your authenticity — your attitude.

Want to feel even better?  End your day by writing down five achievements for that day.  Salespeople do not stop to celebrate their achievements unless they are “grand slams.”  Recognizing and acknowledging your small incremental achievements will create a new energy for you.  I guarantee this also!

If you don’t feel better about you after doing this for a week, please contact me.  I’ll send you a $20 Starbucks gift card so that you can go have a “thank a latte” and contemplate your world.

Connie Kadansky, Sales Call Reluctance coach, 602-997-1101 or

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